Connecting prisoners with the outside world.

Joseph E. Marshall #02419-135 - USP Tucson-US Penitentiary-P.O. Box 24550, Tucson AZ 85734

I am an old brother who has been confined more than 30 years. Since my incarceration i have embraced the religion of Islam and my interest entails being in accordance with the Holy Qur'an and the Sunah of Propret Muhammad. I would like to correspond with individuals who are opened minded who can relate on a human level which will allow us to meet on an even plane, and not by some preconceived notion that the society pictures us who have had the misfortune of being incarcerated. So i welcome any and all correspondence from people who are not afraid to be themselves in relating to another human being.

Adam Clausen 54213-066-MCKEAN FCI-P.O. Box 8000,Bradford , PA 16701

Hi, My name is Adam. I am really just hoping to make friends. I am not in any position to request anything other than getting to know u as a person. So if u are interested just right to me and we can begin to build on our friendship. Again, i am not looking or hoping to find love.I just want someone that can be considerate and understanding. I offer the same along with being completely honest and open. i look forward to hearing from u. This invite is not limited to women only. 

Mr. Eric Drayton #31387-037 -COLEMAN MED FCI,P.O. Box 1032, Coleman, Fl 33521

My name is Eric Drayton.  I was born and raised in NYC. Right now i'm currently incarcerated. In my spare time i love to read, write songs and poetry, and as you can see, i love to workout. I'm very strong person mentally, physically, and spiritually. I'm also very down to earth, patient, and understanding. I've been told i'm a good listener and i give good advice. I'm interested in meeting strong, beautiful, intelligent people and race unimportant. I would like to get to know you as a person, become friends, then let God guide us whereever he will. So if you are searching for a real friendship that will last our lifetime, then look no further than me. The heart knows no greater joy than friendship. . No games.

Maurice Tyree # 33159-007- Butner Medium II FCI - P.O. Box 1500 -Butner, NC 27509


It is quite certain, that I have played a destructive role, in the suffering of my community, on account of the suffering of my society. I have, in an innate manner, expressed atonement with the creator, my  family, the highest governing office in the land, the White House, and myself. Therefore, in a much progressive light, I must filter the suffering of my society to aid in it's healing.

As a social peer, a black male in that peerage, and human being, I want to obtain the meaning of the things that have shaped my condition, which presently drives my thoughts, both good and bad. I want to redeem, if I will, the garbage of my existence, to allow the course which will strengthen it's quality. A maximum redemption of something lost, that will place meaning back where there is deadness. Not merely to reproduce a dramatization to an experience, but to put something additional, which was overlooked in an experience. Perhaps more context, or more gravity in the particulars. Or message that reflect things already known and written about the repetitiously to the general public, and, the individual soul.

I look forward to conversing with you. 

John D. Blunt#11237-007 -USP LEE- US Penitentiary-P.O. Box 305-Jonesville, Va 24263
P.O. BOX 1000



I'm glad you've taken the time to check-out my profile. Life has been a journey spiraling in various directions for me, but there has been so many lessons attached only personal experience can explain it because mere words would be demeaning. It's definately showed me that the "highest heights are gained by those who reach their lowest-low."  Also,  that nothing substitutes a real friendship which is too easily downplayed in todays society. I've been incarcerated for 23 years and looking to return to society soon so organizations or individuals who assist individuals like myself would be no less than a blessing in my situation. I hope you find enough time to respond.

  Hope to hear from you ,


Mr. Blunt

 P.S. My photos are who I am."