Connecting prisoners with the outside world.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1.  This is not a dating site. We are not promoting hookups, intimate encounters, soul mates or any kind of intimate relationships with prisoners. This site is for individuals and organizations who wish to offer assistance to persons in prison: Support system, Emotional Support, Guidance, Housing, Employment, Education, Programs, Etc. 

2. I want to write a prisoner but I do not want them to know where I live?

 You can have the prisoner send the mail to a P.O. Box (Post Office Box). You can open a P.O. Box at any Post Office in your city. When you send mail to the prisoner make sure that your return address is the P.O. Box.

3. How do I know that this person will tell me the truth about themselves?

We really can not say whether the individual is telling you the truth about anything that they write. We encourage that both parties be honest with each other.  If you are concerned whether the person is lying, you can stop corresponding.

4. Do I need to obtain permission from anyone to write this person?

No. All you have to do is write their name, ID # and address on an envelope and send it with the appropriate amount of stamps of course. The only reason that they would not receive your mail is if it contains what is considered contraband. Contraband can be anything other than a letter. You have to ask the person that you are writing or the institution what is allowable.

5. Can I go and visit a prisoner or do I have to be a family member?

Most institutions have what is called a visiting list. This is a list that the prisoner completes with the names of the people that they wish to visit them. Ask the person that you are interested in visiting what are the visiting rules and process.

6. Can I send emails to my pen pal?

It depends on the institution where the individual is. Some institutions are now allowing prisoners to setup email accounts. You will have to ask the person you decide to write to if they can receive emails. Nonetheless, you can write to them by mail.