Connecting prisoners with the outside world.

Welcome to Serving-N-Time

Serving-N-Time was created to provide an opportunity for organizations and members of the community to connect directly with individuals in the prison system.  

Our aim is to help them to cope mentally, physically and spiritually and to prepare them to return to their communities as better people.  

The harsh reality is that the majority of prisoners feel abandoned by their loved ones. This can create depression, anger, hopelessness and leaves many with a grimmer view of how successful they can be when they are released. A letter can have an amazing impact on someone in prison. It first makes them feel special knowing that someone is thinking of them. It makes them feel valued. This can instill hope. This can build self-esteem and remove anger. Your letters can help them focus on taking advantage of programming that will better their thinking, improve their skillsets for employment and focuses them on planning for a successful and productive future.

Your act of kindness can directly change a life. Your concern can help rebuild a person from the inside out. Your correspondence can contribute to the transformation of an individual's life that will have rippling effects through their communities.

I hope you decide on making a difference in someone's life by becoming a pen pal today

Some additional information. Serving-N-Time is not a dating site. We promote open communication between incarcerated adults and the general public. Please use this site responsibly. 






There are over two million men and women incarcerated across the United States.  If you could walk past a prison that housed several thousand humans, you may not hear the horror that you have been told exists.  If you walked down a tier,  you may not hear the insanity that you believe exists inside of men and women charged with hideous crimes. Now if you stopped at a cell door during mail call, you may see cheerful hope spring to life in the eyes of the hopeful.  Now if you walk away without leaving even an empty letter to the person that occupies the cell, you will hear the suckling of disappointed lips.


Prisoners, yes. Felons, yes.  Outcasts of our society, yes.  They still breathe.  They still dream.  The majority sincerely regret the pain they have cost society.  Most have changed their lives for the better. Some are innocent. Many will be free again and are faced with the possibility of being homeless.  All are lonely and in need of a friend. a voice on the other side of the fence.

I ask you to reach into the walls and allow my friends to see the kindness that still exists.  So many have been abandoned by everyone they knew. Have you ever felt completely alone? If so, you can understand how they feel when they doubt that another smile is unlikely. BUT! They are trying. They are trying so hard that they have enlisted my help. I can not comfort them all. I need your help. Just be a friend. A letter is worth countless smiles.


In addition, a lot of prisoners believe what they are missing more than anything is a love interest. So, a lot of the profiles you will read here are addressing that issue. However, Servingntime knows that they are in much more need than a love interest. Many of these individuals  were addicted to drugs, abused physically, abused mentally, and abused emotionally . Many are in need of a religious foundation, stress management, and confidence.  More than anything they are in need of you; a friend. These are the reasons we created this company to assist these men and women change their lives by working on all of their issues. We need your help. A letter of guidance, support, encouragement, and all that you are capable of is welcomed. So I ask that you take all of this into consideration as you navigate through the website. Find yourself a penpal, someone you can be a relief and a breath of fresh air to.


Our staff here at Servingntime thank you. We also ask that you tell a friend whether they are incarcerated or in the "free society". Let's be a part of making our futures safe by helping the people in our world.